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Journalism needs solutions to its trust and revenue problems. Membership is one of them. Explore experiments around the world and learn how to apply their lessons in your newsroom today.

The Membership Guide

What makes membership different?

Reason 1

It’s a social contract between you and the community you serve

Members give their time, money, and ideas to support a cause they believe in.

Reason 2

It’s a strategy to identify your strongest supporters

Enlist readers in your quest to be sustainable and deliver great journalism.

Reason 3

It diversifies your revenue and your reporting

It’s an editorial mindset that treats readers as equals, not just eyeballs.

Your membership journey begins here

Our guide offers practical, tactical advice on designing and implementing membership strategies and workflows. Start from the beginning, or jump to your stage of the membership journey.

Explore Handbook
Explore Handbook
Discover Case Studies

Gain real-life insights
from news leaders

Apply lessons from newsrooms around the world on how to level up at every stage of the membership journey.

Discover Case Studies
Membership represents 8% of our revenue. But our ‘Super Friends’ are our main measure of success. Each new member tells us we are on the right track.
Juanita León
For our Asia media startup ecosystem, memberships are a process of discovery: of communities, editorial independence, and real revenue.
Rishad Patel
More than just a revenue model, membership is a mindset. A way of operating that brings us closer to what will sustain us: audience centricity.
Styli Charalambous
Publisher and CEO