How Compass Experiment did audience research before it had an audience

Finding partners is key to conducting useful pre-launch audience research.


How Zetland retained its members through coronavirus and a recession

Offering discounts for membership is a delicate balance. If you discount it too much, you risk devaluing membership.


How Radio Ambulante has made community building routine

By empowering their listeners to host listening clubs, Radio Ambulante extended the reach of its community.


How Black Ballad turns member surveys into new revenue streams

Their goal is to be the one who knows the Black British professional woman better than anyone else – and to monetize that knowledge.


How 1-person, member-driven newsroom WTFJHT built its budget

He pays attention to just three metrics for setting revenue projects: member conversion, average contribution, and churn.


How De Correspondent keeps serving members as it scales

As De Correspondent approaches 70,000 members, it has had to make some changes to maintain the quality of the member experience.


How Krautreporter approaches retention after losing half its members

In its second year, Krautreporter implemented a paywall, prioritized annual recurring payments, and allowed sharing.


How Página/12 built a community in the comments

Página/12 leveraged an intellectually engaged readership to build a membership program built on comments.


How DoR doubled membership in 6 weeks, helped by members and influencers

They didn’t offer ambassadors a bunch of swag – just the opportunity to be a part of a positive story in a year where there weren’t many.