How VTDigger gets and uses a steady flow of audience feedback

Their suite of surveys and commitment to always following up with respondents gives the staff a highly useful picture of their audience.


How Krautreporter uses surveys to engage, co-design, and grow

Krautreporter is running three to five surveys at any point in time.


How De Correspondent keeps its commitment to collecting minimal data

They invest heavily in collecting qualitative insights volunteered by members instead of funneling up quantitative data.


How El Diario decided it was worth it to build its own CRM

One of the benefits of El Diario membership is ad-free browsing - but with their old CRM, that just left white boxes on the site.


How Correctiv invites readers into its investigations

The only way Correctiv could get data on who owned property in Hamburg was by asking readers to submit their own records.


What WTFJHT learned from a bad membership tech choice

WTFJHT founder Matt Kiser is on his fourth payment processor since launching in 2017.


How Bridge Michigan tested its way to membership growth

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